Josh Kuzon


Josh has been investing in the FinTech sector for more than a decade and is currently a Partner at Reciprocal Ventures. Josh leads the firm’s investments in FinTech.

Josh has developed deep expertise in payments, banking credit, financial infrastructure, financial management software, and stablecoin mechanisms. He works closely with Reciprocal portfolio companies Debtsy, Extend, Marble, Peekd, Qwil, and Tallarium.

Prior to joining Reciprocal Ventures, Josh held corporate strategy and development roles at Silicon Valley Bank and JPMorgan Chase where he pursued strategic partnerships and investments with early-stage companies. Most notably, Josh managed the SVB/MasterCard FinTech startup accelerator Commerce.Innovated., including investments in AppZen, CardFlight, Splitwise, Slide (acq. by Raise), NVoicePay (acq. by FleetCor) and at JPMC was an early investor in Square (IPO) and GoPago (acq. by Amazon).

Josh started his career at First Annapolis (acq. by Accenture), where he advised participants in the payments industry on strategy, partnerships, and M&A, including major players American Express, eBay, MasterCard, TD Bank, T-Mobile, and Walmart.

Josh was recognized by Alleywatch as one of the 21 People in the New York FinTech Scene You Need to Know About.

Josh received his B.S. from Lehigh University.

In his spare time, Josh is devoted to his young, growing family, occasionally sneaking away for Phish shows.



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