Hackernoon: Raising Money from Venture Capitalists — Some Helpful Tips From Your CTO

By Tom Goldenberg
Published Jul 17, 2017

Raising a seed round of fundraising has never been easier. The amount of money invested in venture capital has climbed over the last ten years. The number of seed round funds has also increased. With all this, it should be a breeze for anyone with a great idea to swoop in and get investment, right? Wrong.

VC Red Flags

As for the red flags, I was able to draw out a few of these from a panel of industry experts. Here are a few:

  • Your “unique advantage” is that you “work really hard and have great user experience” (these should be table stakes)
  • You ask a VC for a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Most VC’s will not expose their firm to such a liability.
  • Lack of knowledge of the market. Josh Kuzon, Principal at Reciprocal Ventures, said that he met many founders who were unaware of the competitive landscape.

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