Part 1 - Design Space for Parallel Blockchains

Part I: Design Space for Parallel Blockchains

TLDR: This research piece provides an overview of parallel design architectures for blockchains, using three relevant examples: Solana, Sei, and Monad. It highlights the differences between optimistic and deterministic parallelization and examines the nuances of state and memory access across these chains. Introduction In 1837, computer scientist and mathematician Charles Babbage designed the “Analytical Engine,” […]

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With “FedNow” do we need Crypto Payments?

The recent launch of FedNow in Q3 of 2023 has sparked optimism that there will be a surge in real time payments in the U.S. FedNow has been long awaited but it is unknown if this new program is overhyped or if we truly are on the verge of a payments transformation. This new, advanced and faster payments system also raises the question if crypto has a place in the future of payments? We’ve been investing in the payments sector at Reciprocal Ventures for the past seven years and wanted to address this interesting question.

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